i'm moving my blog here - marbleshore.blogspot.com

the reason? i read the exact same formulation, soft as moths, in a margaret atwood book, "alias grace" to be specific. i like her books a lot and am willing to accept all prejudice against people who like atwood's stuff because fuck you, "the blind assassin" is one of my favourite books EVUH and i like "surfacing" and "cat's eye" a lot and can't wait to read "the edible woman" and "the penelopeiad", hell actually i want to read her entire vast body of work, i just wasn't so keen on that particular book. i just don't like historical fiction set before the 20th century i guess. frankly it's pissing me off a bit because i like this blog name and i came up with it on my own - i have thise print from old natural history books on my wall, one on moths, and i stared at it and had those associations -

furry wings
a whir in the dark
soft soft soft flap flap flap
etc etc

but ah well.

in case you're interested, a beach made of marble is something that is reoccurring in my dreams; it's a rather rough place with cliffs and all and a heavy lead sky so i went with shore instead. there are caves and in them there are things, entities, various - sometimes hybrids of siberian tigers and grizzly bears, sometimes characters from lost. sometimes i am forced at gunpoint into an airshop that will take me to a war across the rhine that i'll have to fight in but i'll be so helpless, and it will pass the marble shore. sometimes there are crooked trees, sometimes there are ghosts, the regular kind, apparitions made of light and echoes. all in all it's a grim and entertaining place, which i am not making up.

so i'm moving there. in case anyone's interested. the content on this will remain so you can all happily continue google that georg minne boy penis photo i took at the leopold museum in december.

marbleshore was a name i registered before softasmoths anyways.

you might think it's cheesy ... i kinda like it. it has a nico flair.
violin in a void remains as a name, too, because it's too awesome. it's nabokovian by the way, from "invitation to a beheading".

gotta get a moth tattoo then i guess ...

so see ya there.



i realise that freja is an easy example, because she's obvious, and she's hot, but still, for her and in general -
and no, of course not only the look. all its implications. breaking down bogus boundaries. although, of course, without the gender binary androgyny couldn't exist either. it would need no name because it would be a given.

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